Using Windows 11 in S Mode results in a more restricted version of Windows. The Store and Microsoft Edge are the sole options for online browsing and installing applications on Windows 10 in S Mode. However, you can install alternative browsers from the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 in S Mode, but the default browser will always remain Edge. But if I can live without those I suppose it makes more sense to stay in S mode for now. It depends on how much RAM your all-in-one is shipped with. If you have 8Gb of RAM, then you can go ahead and remove S.

  • Which means the in-built app records the game on the screen while you are playing it.
  • Holding the Alt, Fn and PrtScn keys will enable you to take a snapshot of one window on most laptops.
  • In addition, it won’t let you record your whole screen, so you can’t record your Desktop or File Explorer or a few other apps, such as Maps.
  • This issue might occur because of the corrupt installation of a third-party defragmenter, or because the defragmenter isn’t compatible with Windows 10.

If third party tools are used, you can also manually set the passes required. Right click the partition you want to defrag and select “Defragment” option. If you receive this message, it means that there is no fragment on the partition. You can type defrage.exe to show list of command line parameters, and then you can type a proper one based on your needs. Before disk defragment, you need to do something for preparation. Avg_page_space_used_in_prcent calculates the average percentage of the data storage space used on the page.

You can use the dropdown menu to select your built-in camera or a choose a webcam. The next dropdown menu lets you choose a microphone for your voiceover. When you’re ready, click start recording and choose a screen to capture. Ever wished that you could share a recording of your Windows screen? We usually tend to share recordings with friends to boast how you crossed a difficult level of your favorite game.

Why is my computer so slow all of a sudden Windows 10?

“Defrag” is a short way of saying “defragment.” It’s similar to “tech” and “technology.” Defragment while you sleep – and wake up with a faster PC. After these presetting them, click on “OK” to save the changes. The report you get will indicate if you need to defrag your disk. If you want to know more about the differences between an SSD and HDD, check out our guide here.

Unfortunately, the best thing you can do to hide it is put it inside the overflow section in the notification area. If you scroll down, you’ll see you can also set a schedule for taking screenshots. If you want the program to automatically start taking screenshots, rather than you having to manually start the capture process, check the Start capture at and Stop capture at boxes. Screenshots will only be taken during that time period at the time interval you specified above.

Way 1: Take a screenshot using Snip & Sketch

However, this doesn’t make much sense since Windows does it in the background. When the Windows 10 disk defragmentation process is complete, the Last Executed column will be updated, and the Current Status column will display a message similar to “OK (0% fragmented)”. MyDefrag is a free defragmentation program for all Windows systems starting from Windows 2000. MyDefragGUI is the graphical user interface for comfortable handling for this program.

Q2: How to Record Audio Only on Windows 10?

Screen recording isn’t a built-in feature on a Windows PC like it is on a Mac. The easiest way to record your screen on Windows is to use PowerPoint. Find out how to screen record on Mac, Windows PC, Chromebook, iPhone, and Android devices with step-by-step instructions. HitPaw Screen Recorder’s desktop version is home to in-demand recording facilities that users expect from such solutions in modern times. Before recording, you are given three audio options to choose from.

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