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Address plaques with flair and a strong foundation

Vivid House Numbers is a manufacturer of solid aluminum house numbers and letters, suitable for both residential and commercial properties, and are available in an array of modern fonts and finishes. We use cutting-edge water jet technology to cut out intricate designs quickly and efficiently.

Not only do our address plates look sleek, they also stand the test of time. We test them extensively against real weather to ensure they can withstand the elements, and our high-quality materials keep the house numbers from chipping, scratching, and fading.

Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping

We understand how important timelines are to you and your project, so we ensure that our products are shipped and ready to go as quick as 24 hours after ordering, depending on your selections and customizations.

Easy Installation

Easily Installation

We offer concealed mounting hardware to create a ‘floating’ effect on our house numbers when they are installed. We also provide instructions with each order, are viewable on our website as well, making it easy to self-install the new house number signs.

Variety of Options

Choose from our pre-selected list of 3 fonts, 4 finishes, and 3 sizes. We have different styles that you can pick from with a pre-determined list of fonts and finishes that we know look amazing, or you can reach out to us for a totally custom address sign. See what we can do.

Our brand-new LED house numbers are here! These are perfect for both residential and commercial buildings, currently come in two finishes, and one standard size. Learn more about our new LED house number signs.

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